Business Plan

It is my privilege to introduce the Corporate Business Plan for the Wade Deacon Multi Academy Trust.  The Trust was established in 2012 in order to support schools who wish to maintain a degree of autonomy but to become academies in the context of joining and working with a cohesive group of like-minded schools.

The Trust aims to provide a supportive and collaborative context in which our schools can grow and develop.  That support takes many forms but has a clear focus on high expectations, school improvement and continuous professional development in order to ensure all pupils can fulfil their potential.


The ethos of the Trust is total commitment to excellence with exceptional teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do.  Every individual school has a voice, through the Trust’s open and transparent governance, in the key decisions which affect each school.  I fully acknowledge that each school joining the Trust will be at a different stage on its journey and would like to encourage applications from all phases.


The Trust’s Board of Directors are from a diverse range of backgrounds; each one has a different type of expertise to offer. They all have one thing in common; a commitment to an exceptional education where tradition is respected and innovation is encouraged.


The following plan is intended to provide you with a greater understanding of the Wade Deacon Trust and the way in which the Trust puts its objectives into practice.


Ian Hann

Chairman of Board of Directors